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A function in math that is like the factorial function, but not just for natural numbers. It's continuous and grows faster than exponentially.
23:41:44 Scott: 5
23:41:55 George: i choose 6
23:43:44 Scott: ∞
23:43:30 George: ∞^∞
23:43:34 George: bitch
23:43:53 Scott: (∞!)^(∞!)
23:44:07 Scott: whore
23:44:09 George: (∞!)^(∞!)+1
23:44:10 George: slut
23:45:11 Scott: yo, Г((∞!)^(∞!)+1)
23:45:12 Scott: you cunt.
23:45:12 Scott: that's the Gamma Function, btw
by circlerunner August 16, 2011
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