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When you shower in the middle of the night to try to pull an allnighter while playing a video game.
Dude, are you ready to take your Gamershower its like 2 A.M.
by PhatassOtaku101 May 08, 2011
A shower under 10 minutes long. Originated with true pro gamers because they didn't want to waste time showering, they had to get back to their gaming sessions.
Level 1: 6-10 minutes
Level 2: 3-5 minutes
Level 3: 0-2 minutes
Bruno, "hey, bro, I'm gonna go take a gamer shower real fast. I'm seeing Sidonie later."
Stephen, "EWWWW BLACK. Fine, it better be a level 3 though!"
by longlivepeas September 19, 2010
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