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When you got the game on lock.
My shit is game tight.
by Jizzo Fortanel January 20, 2004 be up on game(well-informed)
2.somebody who has their priorities in order handle your business make ends meet by any means (personal or business)/tight(sealed,on lock)
"You better keep your gametight,or you're through...(game-over)"
"Bill Gates sure has his gametight!"
"Michael Jordan got his gametight on the court"
"...I hope my lawyer got his gametight, I don't want to got to jail.."
"Tupac Shakur, his lyrics are on point and gametight!"
He is the biggest pimp on earth and is better than everyone else he dont is always on top.
"Shit dude he's got his gametight"
by Adam Parsons October 08, 2003

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