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Two people who challenge a video game to its fullest potential without cheating or hacks.
"Man did you hear that Jessie and German beat Residents Evil 5 on every difficulty, and unlocked every bonus features without cheating or hacking"
"Yeah their like the ultimate Game rapist's"
by Germain O`neal April 01, 2009

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A gamer who uses all means necessary to own games. Including hacking and cheating.

www.gamerapist.com is a prime example.

Games include: Maplestory, Soldier Front, Gunz, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Silkroad, Gunbound, Conquer Online, FlyFF, Runescape, Combat Arms, Neopets, Habbo Hotel, and Steam gaming!
The "GameRapist" entered the game and destroyed us all with his hacks.
by GameRaper May 17, 2009