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"Game master," "gamemaster," or simply "GM" is a title for the officials in an online RPG (role-playing game) which refers to those in power in a game whom do any of the following: devise rules and regulations for the game and design how the gameplay will be (developer), enforce those rules and regulations (moderator), or had a hand in developing the game's scripts itself (coder).

Not to be confused with "Master Gamer," who is simply a player who has mastered the game (a person that is extremely good at the game that has had no hand in the workings of the game).
"Be careful using your hacks right now dude, there's a Game Master in the lobby! Don't want to get banned."

"Damn GM, I was having a good time wrecking these noobs with Huzuni."
by Doxierox June 27, 2014
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