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Not a boat kitchen, despite first impressions. A Gallie is actually a person who is a great laugh, a bit silly, and overall fun to be with. Scottish. Blonde, no question. Where would we be without Gallie? Easily influenced to say words such as "meh", or "nae bad times to the max". Just discovered the definition of "tidy". Likes a drink (or several) and dressing up as minnie mouse. Cool kid, even cooler than im making Gallie out to be right now. Probably. She's all over the shop.
What are you up to Gallie?!
My god Gallie your wasted!
Gallie: meh
by Casper7 October 19, 2008
When somebody thinks they are really cool, and 'in' with the style, but is clearly not.
"Oh my God, did you see her? She was being such a Gallie!"

"Hey, look over there at that Gallie. She needs to sort it out!"
by Transport1 April 27, 2009
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