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Noun or Verb - Galgamar is the King of Canadian CEGEPS, usually residing on the final floor of the school. Galgamar often makes it hard for students to register or regulate the simplest of problems by placing obstacles in the students path, such as 1) Not having OFFICIAL transcripts 2) Defeating the Sabertooth near the cafeteria 3) Collecting the blue emerald on the 5th floor after defeating the troll 4) Course validation 6) School Fees etc. Galgamar has never been seen by the human eye, yet his presence is often felt when put in a situation of academic peril.
Daanish: Yo Fernandes,Galgamar really screwed me today.

Fernandes: How so?

Daanish: My courses were suspended because I didn't validate them.

Fernandes: What now?

Daanish: I must defeat the Poisonous Ogre near the atrium, and have the Record Holder send my records to the Dean.

Fernandes: Chez Paul?
by Matthew Fernandes March 19, 2008

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