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One of the most prolific and successful writers of; Dude can write about ANYTHING and it will get multiple reviews.
Joe= Frank, you have too much dialogue in your fanfiction; if you balance your writing by adding text, you would be like Galbert-Kun.
Frank= Who's Galbert-Kun?
Joe= ; The man the legend has written over 150 stories and doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon.

Jane= Dawn, I haven't read any good Naruto or Hayate the Combat Butler fanfiction; any suggestions?
Dawn= Go to because the author, Galbert-Kun, is a great romance fanfiction writer. His fics have made his readers cry due to the emotion of his stories.

Dawn= Thanks Jane, I can't wait to read Galbert-Kun's stories.
by HisPromoter May 28, 2010

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