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Galax, also referred to as G-Town, is the dumps of Southwest VA! All there to do is sit in the Wal-Mart parking lot, go 4-wheeling, and talk with the nice southern accents God gave us. Everyone is in everyone's business and the school system is horrible!! The goal of everyone in Galax: TO GET OUT!
Hey yall, whats good in Galax?
I dunno, meet me at Wal-mart and we'll just hafta see.
by A-G December 07, 2006
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Also refered to as G-town. A small tight nit city In south western Va. surrounded by the two hick counties Grayson,and Carrol. Known as the bluegrass capitol of the world due to its deep bluegrass music roots. Galax holds its annual Fiddlers convention every year in felts park,in the month of August.
Q.Whats the bluegrass capitol of the world.
by Wookieman April 22, 2011
Variation of Chillax; used when describing ones surroundings as a relaxed and homosexual moment.
This party is total Galax. Let's get out of here!

Yo, Caine lives in Galax, and I heard he likes to live Galax.
by Erik Lensherr June 12, 2007

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