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Ga-kitch Noun, verb, agj.

1. A solidly constructed outhouse; generally of brick.
2. A primitive form of contraception from the Urals; similar in design to the diaphragm, but not in material. The material used is believed to have been a wolverine tail sheath.
3. The unspoken Nepalese fokelore name for the demonic form of the Yeti or Meh-Teh.

1. To tickle the neck of one's lover

1. Used to describe an epic moment. eg. Did you see that? That was gakic.
2. Used to describe something as disproportionately large. eg. Wtf... It's gakic.
Darling we are going to dinner tonight, don't forget to put your gakic in.
by Tyskie November 22, 2010
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