To completely stuff something up. Mainly applies to programming and software problems. Synonimous with problem or trouble.
This program has been totally gaganed. You are in deep gagan.
by Salavat Akhmediev September 26, 2007
Top Definition
An Indian Sex God
He was so good in bed, it as like having sex with Gagan.
by Allah Walahi January 28, 2009
a awesome person,the worlds best guy in the world
i wish i could be a gagan *sigh*
by ggizzzzzzlr January 09, 2011
a man who chases pidgeons
look at him, he's being a right gagan
do not gagan in this park!
you are so gagan
by pricksta May 10, 2006
a man who chases pidgeons
look at him, he's being a right gagan
by pricksta May 10, 2006
A verb meaning "to gag excessively" or "to throw up without the slightest provocation."
He was really gaganing this morning - I could hear it all the way on the other side of the house.

We were all drinking and then all of a sudden he just gaganed.
by Johhn November 03, 2007
Gagan, an Indian boy who is fat and slow.

A Gagan is a boy who is a wannabe gangster.

Gagan can also be someone who likes to gag on objects.
omg look at him!!! hes gagan on some balls!!!
by armani007 November 24, 2010
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