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Gagaloop is a state in which a music listener repeatedly listens to the same extremely catchy album an excessive number of times in a row, sometimes even to the point of pure insanity. This phenomenon is named after Lady GaGa, who is one of several artists with many albums generally regarded as catchy enough to generate a strong Gagaloop.

This is particularly dangerous with short EPs containing an extreme concentration of catchiness.
"Dang, I got stuck in a real Gagaloop last night. I listened to Cherrytree Sessions like 50 times in a row. My looks horrible now."
by CaffeineConsumer July 25, 2009
When you put on a Lady GaGa's "The Cherrytree Sessions" EP and get stuck playing it over and over without considering stopping.
John: This Lady GaGa EP is so cool.
Adam: Yeah, I'm listening to it as well.
John: I seem to be going in a Gagaloop, though.
by Rubenius July 25, 2009
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