you wrap your cock up with bacon and fuck the Shit out of a male/female.
mate i GAGA'd this girl last night
by blacksteelkl May 31, 2011
Top Definition
When you get gagad,, you have been just disturbed by something really nasty,,, Like after seeing something really gross (anything gross
F1 - "What's wrong?"

F2- "Ugh.. I've just gotten gagad after seeing this nasty douche bag."

F1- "Ugh,, that sounds horrible ("
by Yubiny noona November 28, 2011
Too Gay, overly gay, gay syrup, six-star gay, over-wrought with stereotypical gayness.
Lady Gaga's new video with Beyonce is Gaga'd.
by sftopspin April 29, 2010
A woman who is so old her "meat" is hanging out all over the place
ya, she was so gaga'd she should be wearing a moomoo
by Joi1etjake January 04, 2011
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