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When you get gagad,, you have been just disturbed by something really nasty,,, Like after seeing something really gross (anything gross
F1 - "What's wrong?"

F2- "Ugh.. I've just gotten gagad after seeing this nasty douche bag."

F1- "Ugh,, that sounds horrible ("
by Yubiny noona November 28, 2011
you wrap your cock up with bacon and fuck the Shit out of a male/female.
mate i GAGA'd this girl last night
by blacksteelkl May 31, 2011
Too Gay, overly gay, gay syrup, six-star gay, over-wrought with stereotypical gayness.
Lady Gaga's new video with Beyonce is Gaga'd.
by sftopspin April 29, 2010
A woman who is so old her "meat" is hanging out all over the place
ya, she was so gaga'd she should be wearing a moomoo
by Joi1etjake January 04, 2011