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The word Gafler is based off of GAFL or Get A Freakin' Life
A gafler is a human being that Doesn't have a life. Usually you will see Gaflers shopping at Wal-Mart or at Grocery store, but they don't really buy anything. They just wander the isles.
The gamers the spend their weekends hybernating in their basements playing a game that cost money every month to play are gaflers. Anyone who is over 35 that still lives with their parents/grandparents are gaflers as well
Person 1- Hey man, what did you do this weekend?

Person 2- I spent the weekend leveling up my Druid to the max level. Now i have every weapon in the game and have beaten every quest.

Person 1- Dude, you're such a gafler.
by Alex Paul May 12, 2007
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