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Originated early 2011 after people first got wind of the amazing fetes of Andrew Gaff a young draftee to the West Coast Eagles Football Club.
The word Gaff-Like can take many forms:
n. Gaff: 1. naming someone or something that is awesome, cool, unbelievable

2. Extreme or of high degree *some one sees a black guys penis* “that is a gaff”
Adj. Gaff-like: 1. describing something of extreme excellence, something of extreme swagger, or something Gaff would do
G:"Did you see that goal i kicked"

S:"yep, it was so gaff-like"
S: "how'd your test go"

G: "gaff-like"

S: "nice"

Gaff-like can be used in many a situation but is predominantly used by the supporters of AFL (Australian Football League) toward something of excellence.

i.e. supporter 1: “Did you see the that kid rack up 50 possessions last week?”
supporter 2: “It was bloody gaff-like”

Amongst the cultured community:

Student essay: “By applying an analytical reading to novel Frankenstein the meanings we develop become gaff-like in nature”
by Footy with Swagger October 25, 2011
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