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The name Gaelen originated in Greece. It is both a male and females’ name.
The original meaning of the name Gaelen is ‘gift of god’.

Beauty beyond compare, inside and out. Caring, sweet and so unselfish. So friendly and optimistic.
Gaelens are always so nice to the people around them. They are hugely intelligent people. Gaelens are the type of people that are good at everything!! The type of people you want to hate because they’re so talented but you can’t hate because they’re too nice!!!! Lol! Gaelen’s are destined for greatness.
Gaelens take the meaning of the word talented to a whole new extreme! Gaelen’s are loved by many and hated by none! xx
Gaelen is such an amazing name!
by DeEnOOOOO May 16, 2008

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