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1. A person of the geek, nerd, or just avid tech/gadget-y variety consumers who have a strong and unusual wantof technology.

2. Someone who has a tech/gadget fetish to the point they are up on when the next-gen models and brand new models of tech are coming out and urgently wait, often having a count down clock.
person 1: god...Jonas is pissing me off, every-time I come over he reminds me "IT'S JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS UNTIL THE NEW iPHONE COMES OUT".

person 2: don't mind him... he's a real gadget-gollum.

person 1: my friend Brittany seriously wants a iPhone, she's practically lusting after it....

person 2: awww....the poor gadget-gollum.
by MADAOxSAN November 23, 2009
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