To gobble balls in a voracious manner.
"Yeah, i could see Jenny gackling all night long, slut."
"Oh yeah baby, I just love how you gackle, gackle my balls."
by ethanp98 May 28, 2008
Top Definition
The guttural, gagging sound that precedes the full expulsion of vomit. A damp heave.
As Henry pulled the plug of tobacco from his mouth, he gackled at the realization that it was in fact a human great toe in an advanced state of putrifaction.
by Geeshie November 29, 2014
A collection of brilliant ideas.
There sure was a gackle over there! I bet those guys are going to be rich!
by Benton Miller December 20, 2007
The act of getting a pubic hair caught in your throat that stays at least 24 hours.
"This gackle tickles!"
by Johnny A April 19, 2003
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