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A comedian who's claim to fame is his five (now six) levels of obesity: big, healthy, fleshy, fluffy, DAMN! (and HELLLL NO!) His entire routine is a riot, filled with sound effects and personal stories that are touching and hilarious. Very few comedians today can make you feel connected to them by the end.
Gabriel Iglesias: I'm not fat, I'm fluffy
by billy_buddy_of_doom7 December 06, 2009
One of the few latin stand-up comedians who is funny to not only latin-americans. Very fat young funny guy. Comedian who uses sound-effects and story-telling in a very funny way, and surprisingly, can keep it clean and still funny.
Gabriel Iglesias has won Comedian of the Year by Comedy Central
by JPWRana October 04, 2005
A unfunny fatass mexican comedian who rants for 10 minutes about how fat he is, how much he eats and how chubby he is. A total fatass who is as ugly as he is unfunny.
Gabriel iglesias: I'm not fat i'm "fluffy"
GI fan: Yes you are god gabriel
Real life person: no you are not fluffy, you are a fat weback.
by Destroyer76 March 29, 2011