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To humiliate someone when they do not expect the unexpected. Gabrah is a phrase put on the end of a sentence or said after an action in which someone who does not expect the unexpected gets humiliated.

Pronounced: Gah-Brah
Someone is talking with a group at a lunch table. While continuing one with the conversation one person decides to get up and pour salt down the person who is talking. The salt thrower would then state "GABRAH"

Man and a woman just finished having sexual intercourse. After a few cigarettes the woman tells the man that she is in fact a transvestite"GABRAH"

First guy: *looks at crying friend" Dude are you alright?

Second guy: No, I just found out my girlfriend is pregnant

First Guy: What did your girlfriend say to you when she told you?

Second guy: She told me that she was pregnant, and then she "gabrah'ed" me
by Godfearingtiki February 21, 2011
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