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The phlyest city in Africa located in the little known, but totally awesome country of Botswana. (Situated above South Africa on the map for any geographically challenged mofos)
Ashton: I'm off mom!
Ashton's mom:Where to, son?
Ashton: Utopia.

Ashton's dad:Where's Ashton?
Ashton's mom: Gaborone.
by nuffsed March 24, 2006
The capital city of Botswana which seconds as a high altitude American space base crawling with people trying to achieve the American dream (Whatever that is). Swimming in beer, dagga and copycats of every kind.

Letsweletse: You bin to Gaborone (Gabs)?
Boitumelo: Nah!
Letsweletse: You rock !
by Jack Quincey November 23, 2006