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Person who uses a countless number of fake words in common speech.
That man had so much money that he was a gabillionaire.
by ReReReRe March 19, 2009
Function: noun

Date: coined early twenty-first century

1. A person whose estimations of worth include pseudo-numbers, often with mix-and-match prefixes and suffixes.
<ka-million, qua-trillion, ga-zillion, etc.> If a person uses this word to describe a wealthy individual, they are themselves, in fact, the true "gabillionaire".

2. One whose assets exceed the nonsensical amount of "gabillion". A rare breed, to be sure.

1. "It's ok, I have a bazillion of these at home. Take some." -person

"You must be able to afford them because you're a gabillionaire." -other person *chuckles knowingly*

2. The gabillionaire's home was hard to find, given that their party had no idea what it looked like; the proprietor had described the value his estate in terms that cannot be represented in standard bank accounts.
by calubflower April 01, 2009

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