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The hybrid bastard of Gabber and Polka music, combining 19th century duple time Bohemian dance tunes with modern, heart-stopping 808 beats exceeding speeds of 300 BPM, making the hop-step-close-step Polka dance virtually impossible except when under the influence of methamphetamine cocktails.
Gabber Polka was conceived in 2003 by DJ Leo Ascarrunz of Bolivia and San Francisco writer/author laureate Tom Carter while programming streaming music for their web site.
Only three Gabber Polka songs are known to exist: one of traditional Gabber Polka named ‘Liechtensteiner Nightmare,’ another of the more expressive Progressive Gabber Polka called ‘Crank & Beer,’ and the third of the underground Deep Progressive Gabber Polka named ‘Murder, Poland Style.’
by MPB October 09, 2003
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