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Stands for 'Get your LIFE together.' It's the guilt associated with not having any goals in your life. It can also be the shame that comes with being a loser, failure, or someone that had potential but didn't amount to much. It can also be the feeling that you get that helps you to get your life back on track.
Hey remember Eric the prom king? Yeah, well he now works at the local carwash... He needs some GYLT. He needs to get his LIFE together!!

This GYLT has been nagging at me for too long, I need to make some changes.

All of my siblings are over 25 and still live with my parents, they all need some GYLT!!!
by Darbizwell April 13, 2009
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acronym for the slogan "get your life together."
created by amber brown.
G.Y.L.T can be used in many if not all aspects of life.
for example if you have recieved a horrible test grade or have just completed a bad petit allegro, one would say "G.Y.L.T" to the offender.
by amsyboo October 13, 2010
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