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"Gay When Drunk" a slang used amongst frat boys and other party folk to refer to a guy, who is normally "straight" but will hit on bro's when drunk. Gay sluts make note to find them, straight bros to avoid.
Straight Bro 1: "Stay away from Jeff, he's totally GWD."
Straight Bro 2: "Ahh...shit dude."
Gay Bro: "Really...GWD?"
Straight Bro 1: "Yea go for it, dude."
by A gay bro December 16, 2010
mispelling for god... like gawd... cept gwd
Girl: shes a bitch.
Guy: gwd... shut up
an acronym for "get work done", meaning to accomplish sexual feats with ones significant other; usually used by one guy to another guy around his friend's girlfriend as a bro-code
Example #1:
Ewan: Dude, have you porked your girlfriend yet?
Kennedy: I'm not going to go into details, but I'm definitely GWD-ing.

Example #2:
(Jarrome walks towards the exit doors.)
Kennedy: Hey Jarrome, GWD!
by RealKenJitsu July 29, 2010
A eastcoast gang consiting of west coast crips that moved out to the east.GWD standing for gansta's with drama.
"watch him, he rep that GWD"
by 5-duce February 28, 2005
abbrevation for the italian slander "Greasy Wop Dago", used in public.
Frat guy1: Dude, you are such a GWD!
Frat guy2: Shut up man!
Bystander1: GWD?, whatever...
by Alexei Tajzler December 27, 2002
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