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Giggling Very Silently, (when one doesn't actually lol). In a conversation, through text/BBM/messenger/facebook etc. but laughs in his or her mind or shows a smile on her face yet giggling inside.
Aydin: I saw someone just stack it in class
Dovev: GVS! =D

Dovev: Did you see her jump, it was like a spasm haha
Aydin:Ye i did, GVS! =p
by absolutenocomment December 02, 2010
GVS is an acronym for Green Vagina Syndrome, also known as Vertus Vaginitus in the Medical community. GVS is a viral Sexually Transmitted Disease characterized by severe discoloration of the genital area, itching, and, if gone untreated, sterility. GVS can be passed on by genital to genital contact, like herpes, so a condom isn’t always adequate protection. While males can’t get GVS, they can pass it on to more than one female. GVS is treated symptomatically, but no treatment exists for the discoloration that lends its name to the disease.
GVS is a viral infection
by Dr. Dirt McGrit March 22, 2008
Greet and Vanish Syndrome
When your friend gets online and sends you a greeting such as Hello in an instant message and then stops talking you should tell them they have GVS.
by Scheezo December 03, 2010
Giant Vagina Syndrome:
Having an abnormally large vagina & clitoris that could swallow a person.
by kickasshockeyman July 17, 2009
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