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Grandview Heights, OH. A semi-affluent suburb located 2 miles nearly due west of Columbus. HS mascot is the bobcat. Home of Staufs coffee, Spagio, "DK" Diner ~ worlds best yeast raised donuts (DK is short for Donut Kitchen). The shops on Grandview Ave. are often patroned by pretentious fucks from other suburbs who come to the GVH for the warm atmosphere that their newly developed consumer based communities lack. Mostly white, middle-class the community has driven drug and prostitution crime into the heart of the populice on the Upper Arlington ~ GVH boarder by closing the Knights Inn on the southern edge of town and forcing pimps & ho's northward. The BP on Goodale is losing their ass on Boones Farm sales but the Speedway on 5th is gaining new profits on Steel Reserve and blunt/rolling paper sales, all within cat-swinging distance of the GVH high school grounds.
After damn near getting blindsided by some Polaris livin' Escalade drivin' 'tard, I stopped by the Speedway to get a digital prostate massage from some crack ho. That's how we roll in the GVH.

Yo, GVH, represent
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007
a sexual term describing engaging in sexual activity hard and with no mercy
"I will gvh Tommy"
"I gvh'd Miguel last night. It was a blast!"
"I was gvh-ing Sammy last night. He said I'm amazing!!!"
by sexibooty567 May 29, 2007
when you bring the base of your thumb and pinky together, they form what looks like your grandma's vagina
Rani, when you press the base of your pinkey and thumb together it looks like a GVH
by scogo September 16, 2008
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