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GVE stands for Golden Valley Elite. An Elite group of people who join forces and stick together, defending what is rightfully theirs. When together, they feel indestructable. A firm.
The GVE have a large grouping the the south east.
by Matty Dryland December 02, 2007
Abbreviation for Glenview Envy. Glenview is a rich suburb of the City of Chicago, IL and is known for the pleated pants worn by it's male residents. GVE refers to the envy of the pants and houses of male Glenview residents of those that do not live in Glenview.
A man that does not live in Glenview may be envious of his co-worker that does, and therefore might make fun of his pants, when in reality, he is envious that he does not own or wear pleated pants. The man would be considered to have GVE.
by RBHE August 25, 2010
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