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a condition, that arises from a fat douche bag, that has a gunt doesnt wash and the skin becomes rew, smelly,gooy, and stinks like true fromunda cheese, like sewage, or a shit pit
WTF???? man i tried to buy some things at the store, the chick that waited me had that thing called "gunt rash' smell,, she was fat, dirty and gross to the fucking max

friend: well, yeah, did you ask her to do the honorable thing and just fucking do society a favor and think of hanging herself?

no but she was flaunting that smell, and then bent down,, do you fucking believe her gunt was visible from the back?? this wad of flesh just stood out, like hanging curtains!!

friend: then just get her shower hooks and sop and go fuck yourself and her you fucking needy man!
by Dpcx Alpha Male September 07, 2009
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