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"You know he will never leave his wife and kids for you. Just GTFOI and keep your self-respect."
by Sallie Mason May 18, 2005
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Get the fuck over it, Suck it up, Shut your fucking mouth, Grow some balls, Put up or shut up
Steve could stop his whining until Lisa said "Gtfoi!"
by vladimir konstantinov April 30, 2007
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Get the fuck over it... Trump is president, and it isn't going to change... If you are a LEGAL American citizen, and live on U.S. soil,he is your president...
Trump won... GTFOI! Get the fuck over it, or go find your safe space... Cry babies.
by Merika! February 13, 2017
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Get the Fuck Out Idiots

Popularised by mitch_b2000
Leave it at that, GTFOI, oh and Luv Ta Basefield.
by randyclanner February 25, 2008
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