Acronym for "Get The Fuck."
A shortened version of "Get The Fuck Out" (GTFO) used to replace the "out" with other words of choice.
¤ GTF over here!
¤ GTF in the car!
¤ GTF off of me!
by Vheirgruxxt May 26, 2009
Top Definition
Good to Fuck
My blonde czech friend is soo GTF!!
by Monicock September 23, 2009
Get to Fuck, or "git tae fuck" in the Scottish varnacular, meaning go away, often a less aggressive choice and a regular in many a Scottish chat room, where the punters will also employ other indecipherable local phrases to confound everyone else not from Scotland.
"Franko, will ye no GTF ya big bampot".
by ironrat January 18, 2010
'Get To Fuck': - Edinburgh/Scotland slang, another way of saying Fuck Off.
"Just tell him to GTF..."
by Ronaldson89 April 23, 2010
Google that fuckin' shit
"What's the capital of Uruguay?"
"I dunno, GTFS."
by Wesamson April 06, 2009
Acronym for "Gay Teen Forum."

GTF is the largest online community for gay and bisexual teens and young adults.
I heard GTF was the best hookup site ever!
by akkarins August 19, 2011
Google that fucking shit.
Andre: "What's the name of that guy from the movie with the minions?"
Keira: " I don't know; GTFS"
Andre: "What?"
Keira: "Google That Fucking Shit"
by krazzed December 18, 2014
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