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When you try to find something and are never able to, yet once you do it is everywhere you look.
In the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and in San Andreas for example, when you try to find specific cars, they are never around, yet once you do suddenly they appear everywhere, hence the name GTA Syndrome.
by Jon Craven October 05, 2005
Occurs after playing many hours of any gta game. The victim forgets that they are not playing gta and constantly thinks as if they are in the game. This includes thinking about which car you should take and what would be a sweet jump to go off of, getting frustrated because there aren't any missions on your gps, and trying to figure out why you cant get a damn prostitute anywhere.
Guy 1: Dude!!!!! Why the fu*k are you driving on the Sidewalk!?!

Guy 2: Oh my bad. I have GTA syndrome.
by bluntdog June 01, 2009

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