Good times.
Mackin on that hoe was gt's last night. We should totally make her be our again sometime soon.
by King of Treats February 17, 2009
When something is really awesome but you dont want to make it a long sentence. It's kind of like a short form for something really great.
"That guy is a G.T." meaning "That guy is F*&% Hott"
by Milesa September 19, 2006
Abbreviation for "good times". Is usually said between friends thinking about the past.
Remember that time we gangbanged that girl and ended up getting her pregnant and we could never figure out whos kids it was? G.T.s man....G.T.s.
by scott January 30, 2004
In terms of xbox 360, it means gamertag
GT is the definition I used
by yoloswag300 December 15, 2013
short for Good Times!
Corey; Remember when you slapped me in the face last weekend?
Crackers; Yes, Gt's. Gt's.
by Mitch Falck December 06, 2007
Acronym for 'Good Times'
Person one: Hey, remember that amazing party we threw last year?

Person two: Yeah! GT, GT...
by SimplePlanFTW May 18, 2012
A short way to say group text on a texting conversation
What up GT?

Man, that GT was wackkk, I made a new one.
by jp15foreva April 10, 2011
group therapy
come on! we're going to be late for gt!
by ohyakrystinya November 12, 2010

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