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George Stanley Halas.
The founder of the former AFL/current NFL franchise, the Chicago Bears has his initals, GSH, embroidered on every Bears jersey.
by Bearsfan March 14, 2006
Abreviation for: "Getting some head"
Im gonna go gsh tonight
by Mike and Tom July 19, 2006
GSH Means "Giant Sweat Hog" referring to an extremely overweight woman.
"Holy shit dude! Check out the size of that chick!"
"Yah man shes a total GSH!"
by Yourmomisahooker November 03, 2009
(gish)Gosh Shes Hot.
Look at that gsh!Gsh over their.gsh at five o'clock.
by alexander shuff January 19, 2007
good sence of humour.
slim, blue-eyed, GSH, mid 20's
by moon paris October 05, 2004
South Carolina's great renowned sex-God Brian Oxendine (coiner of the popular acronym GSG) has done it again. When the giggling gets a little harder, replace GSG with GSH. Giggling So Hard.
"Brian Oxendine is a cutie."
"What, it's true!"
by CharlesChaplin September 09, 2009

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