1. Gsb- The single Greatest fansite for Green Day on the Face of this planet. It Pwns GDA to the Max. GSB was created by Dujo, who also Pwns you. Dujo is also the creator of such sites as iconasticand ROB GSB is home to the Pants Mike Brigade and Billie Joe Perfect Drug club, and last but not least the Cheech Family. We also like to discuss communist villages in the Amazon rainforest and corrupt people to Join SHATLI.

2. A website that states before you eat potatoes, you must consult them. It also says that Humans should live their lives as rats and eat one and other. All of this can be found in the Specific disussion Forum, along with discussion of Necrophilia and Beastality, RAWR.
1. Dude, Did you read about Billie Joe kicking a Fans ass on GSB?

2.Someone on GSb posted that there's a big difference between wanting to fuck a corpse and eat it in the SD forum, evidently they have odd fantisies.
by Courtne'z June 23, 2006
Top Definition
grow some balls
guy 1: man i wanna go talk to that girl...but i'm scared
guy 2: dude gsb it's not even that serious
by getsmart July 26, 2010
An abbreviation for Get Some Brain.
Bill "What are you doing tonight"
Bob "Oh Im hangin with that chick Jane"
Bill "Nice dude GSB"
Bob "Ill try"
by Duckswin March 19, 2009
Grab Some Bench
Be lazy, do nothing, relax
I'm gonna sit here and GSB.
by OGRE T December 29, 2007
an abbreviation for gay / str8 / bi, often used in instant messages

q: so, what ru GSB?
a: S
by ubernostrum December 29, 2005
an acronym for get some butt. commonly referred to when going to a party with a large amount of women.
dude well go to this party and defintiely G.S.B. , dude G.S.B fa sho tonight
by IndianaPimpin219 February 20, 2011
Another word for "geekstinkbreath", a Green Day site and message board community.
It is well known for it's slashers and "Teenie vs Original" fights.
Oh fuck, the GSB mods are more vicious today than the time they killed the Mike Mafia.
by MiaTheCat October 13, 2005
Geek Stink Breath: Extremely bad breath similar to that of a geek who has stink breath.
Brush your teeth Mick, You have GSB
by yamumsdead November 19, 2005
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