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In the past few years it's been overfloawing with people from countries like Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turky etc.

The youth that are from them countries are dealing in narcotics, such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin etc.

There's been gang behaviour spreading around the town, constantly with the young immigrants getting caught up in crime.
We've been talking to the youth of GRAVESEND, but there ain't a point.
by GRAVESEND February 15, 2012
5 3
words & sights that a majority of people from gravesend hear& see on a daily basis...especially if out in gravesend town centre, around mcdonalds and primark...13 year old girls wearing belcher chains with perhaps the odd fat clown or horse hanging from it which is so heavy it makes them seem as if they have spinabiffida, they will also be sporting pushchairs with wonky wheels and matching babies with wonky inbred eyes and giant gold hoops with big silver balls at the bottom (both mother and child will be seen with this jewllery!! Also hair gelled back held in place with 500 "Scrunchies" in a variety of colours & materials.
Do not forget the must have snide burbury and LV bags also high wedge platforms and ill fitting tops accompanied with a deflated puffa jacket. To acheive this look You can find all your must "Chavs" (haves) for a resonable price from the local Gravesend Market or ask a pikey to chore it for ya boi!! WORDS: Dick eye chav bo! Rip ya spine out an beatya wiv it bruv! Muvva die! spit in ya eye an drown ya brain bor. Dordy! take oath! Swear down bruvva. Oh and lets not forget the old time classic "CUNT"
If your name is Alfie keep out of Gravesend You will hear your name called out sooo many times you will think you have schizophrenia.
you look like a fucking state get back to gravesend you pikey.
by LAW October 06, 2004
106 31
While there are several places named Gravesend, this definition pertains to the neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. of that name.

Gravesend in Brooklyn isn't quite a "hole", but it's not a very exciting place either. From the perspective of a resident and also of a somewhat-youth, probably the only things that are useful about Gravesend are its endless 99 cent stores and discount stores, and its convenient closeness to Coney Island. Besides those things, Gravesend is depressingly average.
There is not as much crime here as in other neighborhoods in N.Y. In the past few years, there have been a few shootings (most unfortunately), some stabbings, and a whole bunch of potential rapists (watch out for them!!), but it could be a lot worse.
The population of Gravesend was very Italian but is slowly becoming predominantly Asian.
If you want to go somewhere "hip", go to Park Slope, don't go to Gravesend.
by Me and Mine April 01, 2006
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