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An acronym for "GQ mother fucker," referring to actors that are physically attractive enough to grace the cover of GQ magazine. The internet has decided that GQMF refers specifically to the lead actors in Star Trek: 2009 (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, aka ZQMF).

The term is ubiquitous at the livejournal community ontd_startrek, where it has now become a means of referring to the members of that community, despite the statistical improbability that any of those people are even close to GQMF status.
SIF: Look at my photos from the Fresno ontd_startrek meetup! What a bunch of GQMFs!
Response: If I wanted to look at pictures of a normie I would go on facebook.

Correct usage: Did you seen the new Captain Fine walking post? What a GQMF!
by ocptnmycptn June 28, 2009
Acronym for "GQ motherfucker;" GQ as in the magazine originally titled "Gentlemen's Quarterly." A positive statement on someone's dashing good looks, usually followed by a lengthy complimentary rant with lots of swear words.

See also the definition of "GQ."
Actor of choice is a GQMF!
by quarkster June 07, 2009

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