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To be in rage
to stomp, kill, yell, beat, and get a grumpy face on in anger.
to show your rage.
TO listen to hard core music
to act like a dinosaur, especially a rapter. Monsters are OK too.
When mike tackled that kid, he really got his GORGO on!!
dude, way to get your GORGO on!!!!
if i don't get some food, I'm going to go GORGO!!!!!
by kobe lets dem 3 balls rain March 20, 2007
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someone who is gorgeous, a very attracting person.
Damn look at that girl. She is gorg-o!
by matt-fire May 04, 2009
The totally crappy rip-off of Godzilla.WARNING:Do not watch this!
by Dude 2000 October 08, 2003

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