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1. An extremely unique item. Holy, set apart, unparalleled.
2. A word without a rhyme in the same language.
The word orange was a gorange before the word gorange existed.
by unclebobtuc June 11, 2010
The only word that rhymes with Orange.
Someone says,"Dude, did you know nothing rhymes with orange?" You reply, "Umm, duh, Gorange does!"
by Rabbidkitteh December 07, 2010
Liquid ming
vomit, lyposuction, stuff like that
by RONALD November 18, 2003
1. Only word to rhyme with orange....

2. To eat alot before purging...
Wow I goranged so much i\'m going to go hurl now!
by KatieWatie April 26, 2005
a: The only word that rhymes with Orange.

b: To drink one's own vomit.
Dude, I'm so wasted, I'm gonna gorange!!
by Michael DePue January 30, 2004
Gorange means to binge, like having a case of the munchies! Also its the only other word that rhymes with orange. My friends and i came up with this during our spring break trip to Florida when we had been eating horrible food for 3 days and finally found a good place to eat.
"I've been eating shit all week, i'm so ready to gorange!"
by Allie April 07, 2005
Most unpleasant liquids (not including drinks you don't like etc). Includes beer that's had cigarettes dropped in it, the bottom of a bowl of cold porridge, what comes out of your clothes when you wring them out after swimming in a river.
The term was coined when me and my friends were camping in a mossy field and it poured with rain and the moss turned into a sort of lurid green, semi-liquid slime that oozed and got everywhere, mostly into out shoes and sleeping bags. That was the original gorange.
1. Beverly discovered that whilst she had been asleep, someone had poured the gorange left in the sink after the party into her hair.
2. Oh, man..... throw that gorange down the sink before I hurl.
by suspicous fish April 04, 2004
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