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When a person obtains; a Brown Belt, a Grey Belt, a Red Belt, a Violet Belt, a White Belt, and a Yellow Belt. Note 1: when a person obtains a Gold Belt they are considered an elite peer, and must be provided with a 2-3 free drinks when at a bar starting from the date they received the Gold Belt. Unfortunately, a female with a Gold belt would probably be called harsh names. Note 2: to get a Gold Belt one does not require a Titanium Belt, but if they have both they are considered a legend. There story must be told, and they must receive gifts of no less than $10.00CAD on each of their remaining Birthdays. A female with both the Gold and Titanium Belts would probably be severely called hozilla; sucks to be female.
Jordan, thru one hundred encounters with women, reached the GOLD Belt stature by obtaing his Brown, Grey, Red, Violet, White, and Yellow Belts. He is now a godlike creature.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
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