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When one collect the I , II, and III degree Grey Belt. When one recieves the Titanium Belt, they are forever nicknamed Hey-zeus.
Curtis made passionate love to a young cougar, a 45 year old MILF with a half head of grey hair, and a women with 100% silver hair. Because of this, a panel of peers has granted him the Titanim Belt, and will call him hey-zeus.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
When a person, male or female, engages in sexual intercourse or love making, with that of an older person. The older person would have to have Cougar/MILF/Old Dude status in order for the Grey Belt to be valid. The degree (I,II,III) of Grey Belt is determined by a panel of peers upon visual recognition of the older partner. A 1st degree Grey belt would consist of light Greying of the hair, usually covered with hair dye by Cougars. A 3rd degree would correspond to a full head of Grey Hair, and cannot be obstructed by dye i.e. the women cannot have dyed hair. Once all degrees are obtained, and are confirmed by a panel of peers, the individual will be recognized as a master and be granted the Titanium Belt and be known as Hey-zeus.
Melinda had premious sex with a man 10 years older than her. This man had half a head of Grey hair, and to her surprise she was granted the II-degree Grey belt by her peers.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
When a person engages in sexual intercourse, for the first time, with their female partner who is having her period. Once the sexual act is conducted the person will have his/her red belt. A red belt should only be given by a panel of peers to those who can provide proof whether visual, confirmation from the partner, or detailed description.
Kevin was estatic to hear he got his red belt when he made love to the server while she was having her period.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
When a person urinates upon any part of their sexual partner(s) body, for the first time. Once urination is conducted the person will have his/her yellow belt. A yellow belt may be given by a panel of peers to those who piss on their partner who has no knowledge the act is actually taking place; proof must be provided from the partner, who is being pissed on, typically stemming from when they realize what is actually happening, and then they can confirm the occurrence to the panel of peers.
Mark now has his yellow belt because he pissed on Tabatha for the first time.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
When a person obtains; a Brown Belt, a Grey Belt, a Red Belt, a Violet Belt, a White Belt, and a Yellow Belt. Note 1: when a person obtains a Gold Belt they are considered an elite peer, and must be provided with a 2-3 free drinks when at a bar starting from the date they received the Gold Belt. Unfortunately, a female with a Gold belt would probably be called harsh names. Note 2: to get a Gold Belt one does not require a Titanium Belt, but if they have both they are considered a legend. There story must be told, and they must receive gifts of no less than $10.00CAD on each of their remaining Birthdays. A female with both the Gold and Titanium Belts would probably be severely called hozilla; sucks to be female.
Jordan, thru one hundred encounters with women, reached the GOLD Belt stature by obtaing his Brown, Grey, Red, Violet, White, and Yellow Belts. He is now a godlike creature.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
When a person, who is not a virgin, partakes in sexual intercourse with a virgin (male or female) thus taking their purity away. The belt can only be granted once the act has taken place, and is confirmed by a panel of peers. This act allows the non-virgin to become a V Card holder and vice takes the V card away from the innocent beholder.
Harold, the non-virgin, obtained his Violet Belt when he made nookie with Hillary Duff the virgin. He now has her V Card.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
(main~tane kewl-ness)
adj. Keep it real, Be Cool, Shit wired tight, Maintaining, Maintained Coolness
1. An extreme state of Maintaining
2. When one is in a troublesome situation and does not give in to the pressure, temptations, or does not let negitive chance effect them.
3. To keep a high level of bad assery at a club/bar/party/home alone.
Eventhough that lying bitch cheated on Boxhead, he maintained coolness and obtained his first booty call one week after he shunned that slut. He later obtained his Grey belt at a second-degree level two weeks following. He definitely can Maintain Coolness.
#keep it real #cool #shit wired tight #playa practising #fucktard #maintian coolness #maintain
by Boxhead January 19, 2006
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