the term "gogs" is used as a reference to any person that has any type of glasses or visual gear. It is usually yelled as a quick statement with the purpose of diminishing the person's security, therefore causing them to feel insecure about their eye wear.
Gary: "Haha, look at devin! He has some gogs on today!"

Jeremy: "What a flamestacker, he hella crams. Those gogs look like something james worthy used to wear!"
by Gogs Mena April 10, 2008
Top Definition
Our Great Orange God. A synonom for the god of wrestling, the immortal Hulk Hogan.
Dude, did you see that video of our GOG body slamming Andre the Giant at WM3?
by Scott269 February 21, 2008
An acronym for "girl on girl". Used primarily as internet slang.
Man, I'd love to see some hot GoG action tonight!
by Frogg1rl May 14, 2008
gog typically can be defined in two ways. either when one is extremely intoxicated and attempts to drunk text "got em" to UTI yet fails and accidentally types "gog em" and is unable to receive the UTI. or when you prank, hook up, help out, or pester someone, most of the time when you puck them. especially If chips and white dots are involved.
chip: hey do you wanna gog tonight?
random girl: not tonight! I gotta study for my gography test tomorrow, thanks though.
by yamsie69 December 06, 2013
Noun- ejaculate
"Fucking Christ Steve! You just gogged all over my face.
by Nog Goggler May 15, 2016

A guy who would rather be gaming that paying attention to his half naked girl friend.
I was one skype last night getting undressed and well he is a complete Gog
by xeroline December 31, 2011
a reference to the arabian goggles
but not literal. can be used in any situation where something is not going in your favor.
my mom saw my report card yesterday.. she ran the gogs!!

dude someone stole my ipod and my wallet!!! life is the gogs
by mac420dre August 11, 2009
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