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GO-FrangO is an intricate and spazzed out person that roams popular websites online. (Myspace,Newgrounds,EbaumsWorld,etc) First made an appearence on the addictive game Starcraft as a very rude user who would flood channels and spew out immature jokes and humor, primarily jokes that revolve around cocksucking, or being gay in any other manner. Because of his outlandish attitude, he is often banned or booted from these websites. GO-FrangO has 4 pseudonyms that he goes under. They are:
Kate: Gothic and artistic 24 year old women.
Ash(Ashley): Supposed girlfriend, pretty, and from Britian. Very social and nice. 15 years old.
Chris: Loves sports, and hanging out with friends. Ash's boyfriend. 16 years old.
Douge: 31 years old, Douge is a computer programmer who works with HTML.

It can be assumed that each of these ego's represents 4 major sub cultures of the average teenage society.

Kate= goths
Ash= preps
Chris= jocks
Douge= nerds

However, this is just a theory, and holds no real ground. Absolutely nothing is known about GO-FrangO, not even his/her sexual orientation. He could be considered one of the internets great unsolvable mysteries.
Larry: GO-FrangO is a jerk and an asshole
Jo: Cry.
by Urban Dictionary Freelancer October 23, 2005
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