Grown MAn Music Clique of Stat Quo, an up-and-coming Atlanta Native. As heard on Young Buck's ''Walk with Me''
GMM's My Muthafuckin Squad, Nigga
They Be Cuttin' Them Mo' Fuckin Checks Now,
I Ride Big Nigga, I Got My Thang Danglin Nigga
And I Gotta Big Thang Out My Balls, Ya Understand Me
Dre And Em'll Feel Ya Man, They Gotta Love Niggas
Let It Be Known That Oscar Defined GMM Music Before Anyone
by Oscar December 03, 2004
Top Definition
Good Mythical Morning. That show on YouTube with those two guys who do crazy ass shit for views.
Girl 1: Hey, you like GMM?
Girl 2: No, those guys suck dick for views
Girl 1: Bitch, I will cut you if you say that again
Girl 2: Runs away crying
by cyanidedreams December 29, 2015
The hellish assignment given to students attending the Maine School of Science and Mathematics. It usually consists of eight or nine problems and requires many hours of useless work with 2 to 3 other people.
Margaret: Are you going to start working on our GMM?
Trevor: OH SHIT! That thing is such a bitch.
by Quigsley March 23, 2010
Short for Good Mythical Morning.
A daily internet talk show on youtube created and hosted by internetainers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.
Usually including challenges, tests, "will it"s, facts, famous guests or sketches.
"Dude did you watch today's GMM?"

"Yeah man of course I did , It was a 'will it' episode."
by ella-smella-della-ding-dong April 01, 2016
GMM=gorgor's muimui
Gor gor's muimui=wileen=piggy#3
by wileen November 10, 2003
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