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Good Luck Have Batman
Originally from a Giant Bomb, Bombcast
morphed into an opening for starcraftII play
not coined by lagtv but used in one of their casts

proper response batman batman batman
player1: glhb

Player2: batman batman batman

player1: awesome, i love you
by FormerbobNZ November 29, 2011
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"Wtf?! GLHB"

"What the hell does that mean?"
"Fuck you. Play Starcraft."
by Bleichnberg September 20, 2011
Good luck have bacon. Similar to GLHF (good luck have fun), but with bacon instead.
Player 1: GLHF
Player 2: GLHB
Player 1: GLHB?
Player 2: Good Luck Have Bacon.
Player 1: LOL!
by Irontiger June 03, 2012
Good luck have batman, a variant of GLHF coined by LifesAGlitchTV. Usually said at the start of a Starcraft II match to be friendly and sportsmanlike to your opponent.
player1: GLHF
player2: GLHB to you too!
player1: What??
player2: Good luck have batman
player1: Oh okay, you too I guess
by Terrazine November 02, 2011

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