Top Definition
G.ood L.ooking B.lack
A GLBM can be spotted anywhere at anytime. You must keep your eyes open at all times because to miss these rare gems is awful. They are one in a million; however, they can be found in the lowliest of places (e.g. the grocery store, mowing their lawn, in the airport). When you spot a GLBM, take a picture-- it will last longer. GLBM's are elusive and escape before you have a chance to reel them in. If you do happen to catch a GLBM, you are one lucky person...
Me- "Oh my gosh, Roxie, look over there! It's a GLBM!"
Roxie- "Oooh! Take a picture with your phone! He looks almost as good as Shemar Moore!"
Me- "You're right! What a GLBM!"
by GLBM Lover October 21, 2011

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