The official term for a devoted fan of the glamourous sexiness that is Adam Lambert, Season 8 Runner Up for American Idol.
She's watching Adam's You Tube videos again. She's such a Glambert.
by glambert1273 May 28, 2009
An Adam Lambert fan. Usually bordering or crossing the line of obsession.
Derived from Adam's last name "Lambert" and made into "Glambert" because Adam is so. Glam.
Person 1: Hey, I just listened to Adam Lambert sing and you were right, he's amazing.
Person 2: xD Welcome to the club, my new fellow Glambert!!!1!
Person 1:...what now?
by pomizzle June 22, 2009
A dedicated fan of Adam Lambert. You shouldn't say anything bad about Adam Lambert near or around a group of Glamberts, it would be like jumping into a shark tank in a meatsuit.
That person is a Glambert.
by Deandra Lyn June 13, 2014
One who has an unhealthy obsession with Adam Lambert, from season 8 American Idol.
Person 1: I just watched the American Idol finale for the 3rd time!

Person 2: You're turning into a Glambert!
by skigrl101 May 28, 2009
A glamorous looking male, usually wearing make-up and women's clothing. Not a transsexual or transvestite, just GLAMorous.
"Look at Gene Simmons... What a GLAMBERT!"
by Pure Yambaggery June 30, 2009

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