A stunner with a beautiful personality. Gorgeous inside and out. Extremely clever ( though blonde at times! )and everyone wants to be her!

Too loveable, you cannot be mad at her, and if you are, you won't be for long!

Can be short for 'Georgina'.
Is that Georgina?
Yeah, 'cept I call her Gii.
Really? Wow, she must be a stunner!
Of course! She would be, thats why she's a 'Gii'!
by maybeitsmaybellineOrmaybeitsme March 26, 2011
Top Definition
code word for GETTING IT IN -- aka sex
Me: How was your night? Did you GII?
You: Yes.
by Kacidilla September 29, 2009
"Get It In", or "Getting It In"
An acronym to signify success, specifically with sexual acts.
Carmine: I'm so excited to go to college because it will make it so much easier to G.I.I
Dillon: I know I can't wait to G.I.I
by hoffmania23 September 13, 2010
Describing something that is either way too happy, or just so stupid its unexplainable.

Also can be used as a term for someone's personality.

(Not to be confused with Gay, it does not mean homosexual)
Jackie and Meghan put on their Gii faces.

That picture is Gii!
by 99jackie January 19, 2011
Good, or impressive. General excitement.
Giis, I got new PS2 game.
by Gaz September 14, 2003
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