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The art of mimicing a Gigsey in ones actions

Hopi indian tribe word meaning: the irellevant overpriced consumption of life

from the word GIGSEY- Cools Cool, Gigsey klein takes this cools cool to the next stage.

'gigsey klein' or 'gigsey kleinism' reprsents the need to be cool and in so becomming a puppet or tool to the perils of advertising.

the advertisers dream - gigsey klein
Defined - King Consumer.

The need to buy a gilette battery operated vibrating shaving due to advertising, david beckham and extreme impulse.

With a similar likeness to the expression 'Andy See Andy Do', the use of mass media and fashionable marketing creating the cyborgal impulse buyer on the street.

A typical Gigsey Klein has no regard for money. They magnify overspending in the consumer markets without due regard towards the future. The up and coming lifestyle of todays society.

A fashion religion!
by Gigsey-Klein January 18, 2005
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